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You like the look of plants whose green leaves cascade downwards-their trails making you feel their lively presence all the more. Planters that can be suspended ae not only suited most for such creepers but will also help in saving the floor space and allow a cleaner tidier arrangement. When planning on giving your greens an excellent advantage location-do consider this adorable hanging pot on offer from Lavida.

Made from very fine quality ceramic, this delightful piece of pottery has been crafted from fine ceramic, hand painted and finished to give it this delightful glaze that sets it apart. The size too is much in keeping with what one could need in regular sized balcony spaces use it for creepers or for flowering beauties which look best when displayed for all to admire their bounty. About 9 cm in doeth and 11 cm in diameter-this hanging will balance well on its triple rope hanging provision which also makes it look so delightful. The deep vibrant cinnamon colour help liven things up in your spaces-it could be used anywhere, be it your balcony or the porch-wherever you feel like adding that touch of natural beauty. Easy hang and sized in such a way that it is not too heavy to handle.