Flairform Green Dream Grow (1 part) 1L

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Flairform GreenDream is the number one mineral based single part nutrient. Awesome for beginners, or those who want trouble free growing for lettuce and herbs.

  • Superior nutrient balance. GreenDream 1 slurry technology helps ensure more aggressive growth and prolific flowering
  • Over 20% more concentrated than most 2-parts
  • Less pH maintenance required because of very high pH buffering capacity: Growers are able to use high alkalinity waters without experiencing large pH fluctuations and the associated poor growth results
  • Easier to use: There is no chance of the grower making mixing errors because all nutrients are in 1 bottle
  • Fully soluble (no blockages):  The slurry dissolves instantly when added to water and stirred. This helps prevent equipment failure (e.g. pumps, jets/drippers & filters) caused by sludge build-up.
  • Contains the full range of chelated trace elements
  • Universal formulation for hard and soft water
  • For hydroponics, coco or soil