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A classic pine wood made frame that is best suited for large portraits that need a handsome and sturdy looking setting. Dress up table tops-consoles your bedside or any space that needs a little personal touch to make it seem warmer and more connected with your life. After all, your spaces need to connect with your thoughts and imagination. And pictures tell the story of your joy filled moments like nothing else does.

Bring alive the beauty of your favourite memories frames that tell the story of the people you love and the moments of your life that you cherish most, be it your favourite portrait, your childhood memories, or the people who moulded your life-there is always a fine picture that depicts that face well. Give it the advantage of a great frame such as this Modern Sage frame that shall hold a 6 inch by 4 inch picture and make a profoundly chic impression with its minimal styling and simple solid looks. Will stand well balanced resting on the slanted backrest it comes with. Use it on table tops, or hang it from any wall-it is effective both ways.