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The Cyco Platinum Series Recovery Kit features 3 products from the Cyco range which can be used together as ongoing maintenance to aid the overall health of your seedlings and plants, or as a solution to any problems your garden might be displaying such as distress, disease or deficiencies.

By using the Cyco Recovery Kit, the benefits include:

  • Helps maximize your plants growth potential
  • Helps revitalize slow growing plants
  • Helps plants recover if showing signs of disease or deficiencies due to environmental stresses or poor growing conditions

What's in the Box

The 3 products included in the Recovery Kit are:

  • [1] x Cyco B1 Boost 1 Litre
  • [1] x Cyco Dr Repair 1 Litre
  • [1] x Cyco Zyme 1 Litre