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It's the kind of sculpture that can make all the difference to your Ocean themed home. Created from polyresin it is in a delicate blue colour- much like seafoam- its branches imitating a real coral. In all its details this is going to be the head Turner in your decor helping you give it the kind of updates that you wanted.

Give your Ocean themed home something to talk about - and care of you on the session started by them your presence of this gorgeous looking Coral sculpture. Crafted from polyresin, it has a delicate colour, impressive pattern on its numerous branches imitating the real thing- and will be pretty much the instigator of many or conversation. Apart from its colour, the polyresin made sculpture comes sitting atop its own little platform which gives it a fine balance. Its size is suited for placing on tables, shelves, the sideboard, or any space where you feel you need to give a fresh new look. Get ready to rake in all the compliments. A little addition that goes a long way in making a great difference!