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Featuring a daisy aura with a pop of blue. This heartwarming and eye-soothing design will radiate a positive feeling in one's home. Daisies are simple and delicate flowers, but it commands elegance, breathing an ambience of summer into one's interior.

Coco Shell Daisy is a stunning substitute for an eco-sustainable lifestyle. The bowl is carved exclusively from coconut shells, which 100% natural, bio-degradable, and environmentally compatible. Coconuts are awesome gifts of Nature. Its versatility and functionality cannot be overstated. The beauty of this bowl is how each piece features marks, dents, and imperfections of a real coconut; it is truly a unique masterpiece. Accentuate your culinary wares with this durable product directly from the earth itself. It has the suited depth as a smoothie bowl. Also, make it a statement piece to serve nuts, yoghurt, and fruits. With its natural feel and glamour, impress your guests, and inspire them to opt for sustainable products. Capiz is prized for its durability and timelessness; striking decorative tool for thousands of years.