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Why not provide your customers with a candle that is certain to arouse their visual interest as well as that of their family, colleague, and course mate? The Candle Simple Leaves has an exceptional design in which the candle container is made in a squat cylindrical form. Topping the icing on the cake is the lid which covers the cylindrical ceramic wax holder.
The Candle Simple Leaves has an unusual feature - a lid that is just as elegant as the lovely ceramic bowl containing the wax. The lid has a domed appearance with the pointy dome being luxuriously lacquered using jet black colour. The ceramic candle/wax holder is made in a portable cylindrical form which measures the same 8.5 centimetres in both its length and width. But with the inclusion of the lid, it stands at 9.5 centimetres tall in height. The unsullied white glazing is punctuated by artfully rendered black painted images of leaves creating the perfect backdrop.