Candle Glass Luxury Lemon & Mint

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It's a tiny tub of eco - friendly wax that has been made with just the right mix of mint and lemon for that invigorating and refreshing feeling that you wish to gift your evening and relaxation time. After all candlelight does bring in the feeling of built in luxury and indulgence and you can really pull off the look with this simple little addition in your space.
A great deal of care has been taken to create this eco - friendly mix of wax and fragrance so that your home and spaces get the gift of not only a wonderful accent but an illumination as well. The fragrance it hosts is a beautiful lemony zesty kind with undertones of mint that refreshes the mind after a tired day's work. Filled with lemon energy, the soft light will impact the look of your space like few things can. The green coloured softly hued glass votive contains wax made from soy and thus is eco - friendly and bio degradable. The wick shall be able to give you hours of lighting, the advantage being that the candle wax will remain fresh and as fragrant inside the closed space of the container. The green coloured glass votive will also add that fresh pop of colour that makes this piece so special for all of your space s0be it for that spa like effect in your bathroom or the fragrance that you want to feel and experience as you take a late evening snooze, there is a beautiful illumination option that even when the candle burns can lend the space the most beautiful ambiance possible.