Boxes White Wash S/3

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Please note this is a handmade product so exact sizes may vary. There may be imperfections in construction and finishing due to the recycled timber.
The White Wash Boxes set of 3 is exactly like its counterpart - the Boxes Rustic S/3. The only difference is that this white washed set makes up for what the other lacks in appearance without retracting from its durability and premium functionality.
The Boxes White Wash S/3 has a bold, bright, visual appeal and multifunctional design. The three sets of boxes can be used as boxes and also as display tables. As a box, it can be a useful tool in conveying farm produces such as carrots, spinach, pumpkin, fruits, vegetables and other farm produce from the farm or house to stores, shops and markets. As a table, it would be perfect as a display table for the same farm produce and other wares of the customer's choosing at such places as beaches, trade fairs, festivals, etc. It is hand-made and made wholly from recycled timber. Hence, please note that the exact sizes may vary and so also, there might be minor imperfections.
  • Material: Wood
  • Size: S: 27x17x17.5cm, M: 35x22x20cm, L: 43.5x27.5x22cm.