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Elegant and classic in its design, this set of two artistically made boxes gives your keepsakes and collectibles a safe house where they can reside grandly. The very look and form the exterior makes them worth coveting for not just their gorgeous design but also their versatile usage. Sturdy, made of MDF, and the kind of storage boxes which will the favourite spot for all your precious little possessions.

That bundle of love notes that you wish to keep forever; the little keepsakes from travels from many eons past, and the numerous gifts that are tiny but just as hugely precious as any other possession. If you are the kind of person who values your tiny treasures as much as the rest of your things, there is always need for table top organisers that give you abundant space for them.

Finding boxes that are handsomely proportioned to give you space is what is needed and this set of two boxes are just that - study and spacious. The light golden beige coloured print on the surface is classical and appealing in its sobriety and tasteful good looks. Will sit adorning your console, the bedside or the dresser as it performs the job of holding on to several of your possessions.

The two boxes can be stacked easily this saving on space. There is a closing clasp that keeps the lid tightly closed. Age has been built into it as seen along the edges and the slight shabby chic elements making it vintage in its appeal.