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Washed in white colour - the perfect set of sturdy wood coloured crates that act like the kind of organisers any room could need - be it the kitchen, the garage, the children's room or even your closet - there is always a need for keeping things big and small within reach and easy to grab when the need to add something special does come up. Easy to grasp and carry around when the need arises.
Cases and boxes this smart and well - endowed in terms of strength and their cottage and farm feel are a great asset for your spaces - after all homes are all about making available more space and keeping things well within reach and such smart boxes are the best means to ensure the same. Be it provisions in your larder - the stationery stack you keep ready for your kids or the toys that your toddler is littering every now and then. You need crate like boxes to store them and carry them around and what could be better than this ergonomically designed set whose size and sensible design with very appealing looks makes them so desirable. Easy to grip by their handles and the washed in white wood look is also refreshingly simple and very farm and barn like in look. The set has three pieces and when not in use they can nest inside one another. Keep fresh fruits and vegetables in one and store your knitting in another - please yourself with whatever way it makes your things looks smart and well stored.