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Lend your serving style a whole new feel with this medium sized handcrafted bowl.

Crafted by hand, the wood has been sourced from the jujube tree which is basically of the date palm origin that can be found in China and most Asian countries.

The bowl is all of 27 to 29 cm wide and has a wavering edge that lends it a typically unique, in fact, no two bowls can quite be alike! The surface has been made smooth and thus it does not permit any residues to settle.

Can simply we wiped clean or washed and then rid of all moisture. The perfect choice for serving fruits, salads, pasta and nuts. Its lightweight enough and while not serving food, would look like a wonderful piece of natural accent anywhere. You could place a small little vase filled with foliage or blooms to make use of it differently. Though pre - seasoned, it might tend to change colour as it ages which will definitely add more to its charm.