Biscotti Glass Jar Med

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Flour, flour in the jar, who is the clearest of them all?
Flour, flour everywhere! No, the flour should be in the Medium Biscotti Glass Jar. The fine white wheat is easily viewed through the clear 24.5 cm high sides and the glass top gives it a classy look. Cake, pastry, bread and stone-ground; the options are endless however all-purpose flour is what is traditionally used for biscottis.
For the health conscious and allergy affected, these jars would safely house your almond, chickpea, rice or coconut flour. Bread, pasta, cookies, cakes and all manner of tasty baked goods can be fashioned from flour, but you know that biscottis are our favourite. Flour dates back to 6000 B.C. so the art of baking has been with us for millennia - who are we to doubt ancient wisdom and we're confident that they would also have stored their stone-milled flours in our medium glass jar.
  • Material: Glass
  • Size: 18x18x24.5cm