Biscotti Glass Jar Lrg

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What else but a crunchy Biscotti?
Once you've combined the flour, eggs, sugar and almonds you'll be left with a traditional biscotti and where better to display your wares than the Large Biscotti Glass Jar. Prato pastry chef Antonio Mattei rediscovered the original recipe in the 1800s and his take on it has become the standard. The origin of this biscuit is obviously in Italy and to be more specific Tuscany, but the world has embraced it and that's why we've named our jar after it. Known in the Motherland as Contuccio which translated means, "little place" or "corner," in modern Italian biscotti refers to any kind of biscuit or cookie but elsewhere the word is synonymous with the original recipe. The almonds could be replaced by pine nuts or pistachios and when it is glazed in chocolate it take son a sweeter personality. Originating from the Latin word, biscoctus, meaning "twice-baked" you know you'll dip into the Biscotti Glass Jar at least twice per day.