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There are different ways in which baskets can help you tidy things up by giving you an organisational impetus created with straw that has been woven in a delightful traditional pattern, this is a classic woven by hand that will look as pleasing as it will function as your everyday hold all basket. The blue-tinted colour at its base will add a touch of colour to the otherwise all-natural look of the basket making it add a great deal of beauty to the space where it is kept.

Delight your spaces with the presence of a beautiful basket that will help you keep things sorted and well organised - be it in your vanity area - or the children's room or even at the back of the car. Designed to be tough and resilient, it is a great means to mingle a touch of country chic ness in your surroundings, its width is all of 28 cm while the height of the bag is a mere 24 cm - however, it has the kind of pliability and smoothness in its body that will allow you to keep a great many things inside. The handle has been created from wooden beads that help you get a superb grip while carrying it around. Place it any part of your home that needs to keep odds and ends in a sorted kind of way. A delightfully organic-looking design is sure to help you achieve your organisational goals.

  • Material: Straw, Cotton, Wooden Bead
  • Size: 28x28x24cm