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The Basket White Stripe S/3 is a collection of three baskets that showcases excellent taste in home décor and can also function in a variety of ways in the home, shop, market, and as many other spatial setting as determinable by customers. Apart from its storage functionalities, it is also suitable as a decorative ornament in itself given its artful crafting and white striped design.

Skilfully hand woven through the use of 100% natural and organic sea grass and cotton materials; the base of the basket is finished in the natural sea grass brown colour while the middle of the basket is a striped design featuring a pristine white and brown. Above this striped section is a white painted top. Each of the three baskets contained in this set come with reinforced ergonomic handles which provide optimum support and easy carrying option for customers. All three baskets are made in differing sizes of small, medium and large.