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All life forms require a certain amount of oxygen to live and aquatic species are no exception. Aerated water plays a big part in ensuring the health of your fish and aids their ability to withstand stress and disease. Aeration also helps maintain water quality and improve the performance of your filtration system. The Aqua One Precision 9500 Air Pump Twin 2x200lH is a high-quality and robust air pump, great for general aeration. Aqua One Precision Air Pumps come in a range of sizes and will aerate and add oxygen to your tank. Well oxygenated water is beneficial to cold water, tropical and marine fish as well as all other living underwater creatures.

1 x Aqua One Precision 9500 Air Pump Twin 2x200lH

  • High quality and robust air pump
  • Silent operation
  • 2 + 1 Year Warranty
  • Simple diaphragm replacement
  • Twin Outlet