Acacia Bowl And Spoon Set Turtle Brass

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Hosts and hostesses who wish to organise and host a memorable dinner party would be smart and thoughtful to choose this Acacia Bowl and Spoon Set Turtle Brass. Be it a formal or informal party, this Acacia Bowl and Spoon Set Turtle Brass would certainly fit in nicely into every environment where food, drinks, and merriment flow. This is due to its tastefully garnished and finished design and a natural motif.
Did you know that our darling country is home to the largest nesting populations of green turtles worldwide? With our country playing host to the largest population of such magnificent creatures, it would be an ironic twist for customers to host their family and guests using all natural acacia made wooden bowls and spoon in serving meals and dishes. Apart from the amusing theme, it is equally highly decorative especially given the alluring visual backdrop created by the gold coloured turtle figurine against the deep wood brown finishing.