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This deluxe picnic basket is a must have for picnic lovers ! Take it with you when going for a trip ! Crafted from quality willow, it is elegant and sturdy, and large enough to store all of your picnic essentials - cheese, bread, snacks and of course some wine!

Features PU leather straps to keep cutlery, wine glasses, plates and the handy corkscrew in place. Plus the picnic basket comes with a colour matching ground blanket in the basket. Perfect for picnics and other outdoor gatherings, such as festivals and events.

 Key features

  • 4-person picnic basket
  • Portable handle
  • Quality willow
  • PU leather straps
  • Colour matching ground blanket
  • Bonus tableware

Material: Willow

Interior: Cotton linen lining

Plate diameter: 17cm

Glass dimension: 5cm x 13.5cm(Dia. x H)

Blanket dimension: 150cm x 130cm

Basket dimension: 40cm x 20cm x 30cm

Colour: Refer to gallery

  • 1x Picnic Basket
  • 4x Wine Glasses
  • 4x Napkins
  • 1x Corkscrew
  • 4x Ceramic Plates
  • 1x Cheeseboard
  • 1x Blanket
  • 1 Set x Salt & Pepper Shakers
  • 4 Sets x Stainless Steel Cutlery