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Our friendly pollinators work tirelessly to produce that distinctive sweet liquid nectar we love and know as honey. Therefore we wanted to give them something back, because for us, the ultimate buzz is saving the bees.

Life Cykel has collaborated with local Australian beekeepers to discover amazing results for the health of the hive when the bees are introduced to the incredible potential of functional mushrooms.

The bees that have worked so hard to produce this honey have consumed functional mushrooms from Life Cykel, improving the health of these bees. In addition to this, our Mushroom Honey has been infused with our Reishi Double Liquid Extract to provide you with the calming energy that this mushroom has to offer.

We only want the best for our bees, which is why our bees have access to a diverse range of nectar bearing flowers, known as the Forest Flow Method, ultimately producing a delightful and delicious flavour profile.

Ingredients: Pure raw Beemunity enhanced honey (98%), Reishi liquid double extract (2%)