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Luxuriate in the purest scents of some of the finest of perfumes as you enjoy the glow of candles, as this is one of the best alternate illumination options available from Lavida. The bio-degradable wax made from soy lends your spaces the ambient light that adds a touch of luxurious indulgence while all the while ensuring that the glow of its warm light adds more beauty and resonance to that space.
Candles have their own means to make your spaces come alive with a soft kind of glow that sets their look apart. So - on an evening when you wish to enjoy the softness of the breeze outdoors or wish to soak in on a warm bath, light up the space with this scented candle that has been created by mixing some fine quality high-grade soy wax with the purest of scents. This particular one shall make the summer fresh cucumber scents combined with that of a creaminess makes, the space feels fresh and lively, yet at the same time add the touch of tropical indulgence. Light and heady - the glow making it all the more invigorating. Once used, the candle could be lidded and reused when needed next. The glass votive win which the wax comes pre-set makes it a very useful means to store the candle. The pretty fresh colours of the jar help add that pop of refreshing colour to the space.