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Reward yourself with some nice "me time" after a long workday with these stunning scented candles.

Treat yourself with some self-care after a long day of work and unwind with the pleasing scent of these candles. The work culture these days forces us to push ourselves every day, but we all deserve a break to relax, unwind and reconnect with ourselves. Read a book, cook a meal or take a nice bath, these scented candles will make every experience better with their positive energy. These candles are safe to place anywhere- your kitchen, nightstand, dining table, or bathtub. Light these candles and enjoy a luxury relaxing time that you don't get to experience every day. Made of glass and wax, these candles are also an aesthetic addition to your Australian homes and their modern and minimalistic decor. The candles are also a perfect gift option that is sure to please all your loved ones. You can almost never go wrong with it.