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Natures Own is a respected Australian company that has been successfully producing quality products for nearly 20 years now. 

Nature's Own Guano Super Bloom is manufactured from bat manure. It is 100% organic and highly concentrated. It has been formed slowly over millions of years to produce a valuable and natural source of plant nutrients and essential trace elements. This simple and remarkable natural garden fertiliser can be used on every plant from tomatoes and fruit to roses, lawns, and indoor gardens.

How does it work?

Guano is fossilised. It has undergone conversion into rock form by chemical reaction over a very long time. For gardeners, this means essential nutrients are more soluble and readily available for plant uptake than traditional organic matter resulting in outstanding growth. For best results use Nature's Own Guano Super grow when plants are in their vegetative stage and nature's own guano super bloom for flowering and fruiting plants.

Directions for use?

Average garden applications require 5-10ml per liter. Young seedlings have low feeding requirements while larger plants have higher requirements. Guano Super Bloom Liquid Concentrate is suitable for most plants in all growing situations (including hydroponics). Store Guano super bloom in a cool place out of direct sunlight. Shake well before use.